One of the biggest perks of franchising is having a proven business model and marketing plan. When you buy in, you are given a strategic marketing plan that is updated often and gives you all the tools for success, or at least it seems that way. Unfortunately, many franchisees find out in the first few years that these national marketing plans do not always work in a specific region or season. When struggling to grow a new location or save a floundering one, you might need more than the franchise plan to survive.

Your marketing must work at the beginning of your franchise ownership, or you’ll never get off the ground. If you’re struggling to take your location to the next level, follow these three steps to rescue your business and start selling more: 

Step 1 – Audit your franchise

You must identify your biggest pain points and struggles to determine where you need change. Many franchises begin by adding new inventory or changing up their advertising partners when the real problem lies in a faulty underlying strategy. By taking a closer look at your franchise as a whole, you can understand the underlying cause of your failing franchise symptoms.  

Step 2 – Find outside help 

You might need more than your internal marketing plan to get things back on track. If you’re putting your money in all the right places according to the franchise and still aren’t seeing results, you may want to consider hiring an outside consultant to give you the extra attention and tailored strategies needed to gain momentum.

PureDriven helps you address your biggest strategic weaknesses and practical obstacles. We make sure you are making the most of your marketing dollars by implementing strategies catered to your demographic and region. 

Step 3 – Invest, don’t save

When your franchise is in trouble it’s all too tempting to cut back on marketing costs and save as much as possible. However, this is the quickest way to close your doors. By cutting your budget in marketing, you’re making it harder to get customers in the door. The only way to pull yourself up by the bootstraps is to make the room in your budget for marketing. 

PureDriven understands the delicate position first-time franchise owners find themselves in when first opening. Whether you’re only a couple of years in and are looking for a boost to your sales, or are an experienced franchisee who is ready for a new marketing mix, PureDriven has the key to your newfound growth. 

We offer Google, social media, location-based, and display advertising options curated to your franchise’s specific needs and pain points. Our custom packages are based on your past successes as well as current marketing needs. If you’re ready to give PureDriven the opportunity to launch your franchise’s success, contact us to schedule a consultation.