Digital marketing starts with a plan.

We are highly skilled in crafting national and regional marketing campaigns for franchisors to expand their brand awareness. This step is critical when emerging franchises and multi-location businesses are beginning to develop a marketing plan to increase their national exposure and franchising opportunities.

We help franchisors take their marketing plan to the next level by focusing on the individual franchisee’s marketing efforts for each of their locations. Once a brand is recognized in the regions they operate, we help push localized digital marketing to the individual store location. This is where PureDriven excels and delivers incredible results, while more traditional marketing agencies may not spend their time getting local. It’s difficult to work at a local store level because it’s time consuming, but PureDriven has built an entire marketing system and company around franchisees and the ability to scale all of our services into local digital marketing products.


Paid Search

Our certified experts create highly effective, highly targeted and cost-effective text ads that boost your brand awareness and bring customers to your website and your store.

Display with Remarketing

By using eye-catching image ads we increase the awareness to your brand and the traffic to your website. We also use remarketing in which visitors to your website can be shown highly relevant and targeted ads to bring them back to your site time and time again.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube Advertising is the television ad of the internet. Through the use of video we can target your current and potential customers to increase your brand awareness, and bring viewers to your website all at a rate much lower than a traditional television ad campaign.


I love that I don’t have to worry about doing the online marketing, and it gets our name out there for everyone to see!

Kelli Bowe
Once Upon A Child Greenville, NC