Case Studies 1

PureDriven specializes in marketing for retail resale stores and other retail outlets.

Plato’s Closet franchises are some of our most successful clients because their franchise owners are typically on board with bigger spending for greater results. However, others need more convincing before they’re ready to commit to the PureDriven strategy. Plato’s Closet Omaha started at half-speed with us but after several years of sustainable results, they made the leap to our premium products and have never looked back!


Case Studies 2


Plato’s Closet Omaha had been in business for six years when they met with PureDriven. At the time they were doing $1.1M annually with a marketing spend of just over the 5% mark. PureDriven had worked with several Plato’s Closet locations, many of which were not as successful at the Omaha business, so we were confident we could fast-track their progress.

They began with a $30K/year package that covered a comprehensive marketing mix of social media, SEO, and other products. Sales were steady with major increases in revenue for 2018 and 2019. However, after a painful 2020, we asked the franchise owner to go “all-out” in 2021 with their marketing.
Because of PureDriven’s previous successes, it was an easy pitch. We doubled ad spend and were able to achieve staggering increases in sales and overall online success!


When we began with Plato’s Closet Omaha, they were bringing in over $1 million in sales consistently. However, we believed they could do so much more. We started with a $30K/year package to prove our method, and this helped them stay afloat during some rocky years. We were also able to steadily increase their online impressions over our partnership from 2.5K per month to a peak 7.5K in 2018. The owner opened up another store and changed management that same year, but yearly revenue remained stable at the $1.1M mark.

However, in 2020 Plato’s Closet Omaha hit a roadblock. They were fully shut down for two months and received very little foot traffic for the rest of the year due to COVID-19 restrictions. This put the franchise at $855K in total revenue for the year. We and the franchise owner knew we had to change something to bring customers back despite COVID-19 circumstances. That’s when we asked the owner to double her spending and give us the power we needed to make their marketing mix work.

By 2021, the franchise was up $13K from the year before in January. This increase was satisfactory for us, especially since the store was closed 5 days in January for maintenance, but we weren’t done yet! We believed that with warmer weather around the corner, PureDriven could make the 2021 spring shopping season a hit.

By doubling our budget and targeting the spring shopping season, we were able to increase sales exponentially in March. They were up $45,700 from February with even bigger plans for April! With this major increase in sales over just a few months, the franchise owner decided to keep the $60K package for the rest of 2021 to reach her bigger goals.


Case Studies 3

When the Plato’s Closet Omaha franchise owner announced her $1.2 million goal for 2021, Winmark advised her it was too ambitious based on her previous year. However, with PureDriven as her marketing partner, she is sticking with this goal and is more confident than ever that she can reach it. PureDriven believes that with confidence and a strong marketing budget, we can achieve anything a client sets their mind to. We want your story to be next!


PureDriven has worked with Platos’ Closet franchises for many years.

However, we were presented with a challenge when store owner Bill Craig came to us with a struggling
Plato’s Closet Pittsburgh – McKnight location in 2014. This particular store was one of the worst-performing in the Plato’s Closet network with revenue below $800k when they came to us. However, with the proven PureDriven strategy, we were able to amplify their market reach and put them in the million-dollar club!

Case Studies 4

Bill Craig purchased the lowest-earning Plato’s Closet location in Pittsburgh in 2014. He knew he was fighting an uphill battle, as no other franchise in the area had ever reached $1 million in sales. However, Craig knew with his experience in retail resale that he could exceed the franchise’s expectations!

Bill Craig decided to partner with PureDriven months after purchasing the location in order to fast-track his results. Three years later, he was able to hit the million-dollar mark and has been growing ever since.

PureDriven took an aggressive digital marketing approach to reach college campuses, which not only boosted sales but created a steadier stream of new inventory.


PureDrive was lucky to meet a franchisee like Bill Craig. He believed that an aggressive strategy was needed in order to bring his new location out of under-performing status, and that’s exactly what we did. He bought into a full digital marketing package at the Premium level with the following products:

Display // Remarketing // Paid Search // Pandora // SEO // Spotify

By January of 2018, the store was up 33% from when we started. This success helped us when we asked Craig to add Snapchat to his marketing mix. He went all-in with a Premium plan that reached a seven-mile radius of his store. The Snapchat targeting helped him to steadily increase inventory and attract customers to a scavenger hunt event. The event was a huge success, contributing to a 30.8% increase in the month of May 2018.

The success on Snapchat encouraged Bill to increase his ad spend even more on Spotify (a highly-used platform on college campuses). This led the Pittsburgh-McKnight store to see an additional 15% increase in sales for June 2018 as well as a steady stream of inventory before their back-to-school sales for that year.

Bill Craig and the PureDriven team worked together to create one of the biggest successes in Plato Closet franchise history! No other Pittsburgh area store had ever hit the $1 million mark, but we were able to do it in three years. Best of all, Craig isn’t backing down. He has consistently increased ad spend in line with sales growth and receives a greater ROI every year with Pure Driven.


Case Studies 5

Bill Craig and the PureDriven team were astounded by this success. We went in aggressively to ensure that our client received the best marketing service possible, but with the overarching poor performance of franchises in the area, we had conservative expectations. However, Craig’s willingness to invest in this business and differentiate the store with events and promotions on Spotify and Snapchat made his story one of incredible growth.

We want your story to be next!


PureDriven is always looking for competitive, forward-thinking partners to bring our digital
solutions to life. When we met the owner of Play it Again Sports in Fairview Heights, IL and Kirkwood, MO, we knew we had found that perfect match. The stores were facing a down year in 2016, and the owner decided that her hands-off marketing approach wouldn’t cut it anymore. With proper planning and a strong starting budget, we were able to almost break a $1 million increase in revenue over four years.


Case Studies 6

Play it Again Sports (PIAS) Fairview Heights and Kirkwood had met with PureDriven in April of 2016 after starting down 5% in the first quarter at each location. The owner decided that the best place to invest was in her marketing. PureDriven developed a custom plan including display/remarketing, paid search, social media, and SEO. The owner allowed us a generous budget, and with that, we were able to give her the best years at both locations and push a 5-store competitor out of the area.

When the owner of the PIAS stores came to us in 2016, she had done very little marketing other than local campaigns and social media run by her store managers. Her staff, products, and location were ideal, but without a strong digital presence, there was no feasible way to compete.


PureDriven had worked with other Play It Again Sports franchises; however, we had little success getting any location to invest over $600-$900 per month. With these struggling franchises, we thought pushing for a bigger budget was the right move to see real results. The franchise owner agreed to $2,700-$3,700 of local digital marketing per location. One location wanted to run their own Facebook campaign, but later on turned all social media over to PureDriven.

After one year, both locations were already seeing steady increases in revenue and total transactions. However, in late 2017 Dick’s Sporting Goods moved in nearby, which added pressure on our team to deliver results. Together we decided to increase ad spend within the existing products, and both locations added Instagram marketing to their ad spend.

In 2018 PIAS followed the same strategy by increasing ad spend in relation to the increases in revenue we were able to achieve. They achieved $1.35 million and $1.65 million by the end of 2018, as opposed to where they started with us at $1.2 and $1.35 million.

However, in 2019, we received a troubling call. The franchise owner called with some serious concerns: “I don’t think this is working anymore. I’m flat the first 2 months over the previous.” However, we asked her to look at the whole picture.

At that point, both franchises were up $450k from 2016 when we partnered. The owner decided to give us a chance to prove ourselves and instead of cutting back, we proceeded with an even greater budget.

To date, we have been able to increase revenue by close to $1 million between both franchises. In 2021 we are continuing with a strong budget, comprehensive digital marketing mix, and focused management to accelerate progress.


Case Studies 7

Our success over the past four years has led PIAS Fairview Heights and Kirkwood to move forward confidently in 2021. Our current active products with these franchises include:

Paid Search
Facebook (both locations)
Instagram (both locations)


Retail franchises are among our top specialties at PureDriven. We know the budget it takes and the strategies that work to get results like this with any struggling location. If you’re interested in learning more about the PureDriven strategy, contact us today.



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